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The Marathon is a 26.2 mile course that will lead runners through the streets of Williamsport and Loyalsock and will then take them on a scenic route by way of the riverwalk.  The riverwalk will include views of the Susquehanna River, the South Williamsport Park Complex, Montoursville, and Indian Park before returning to Loyalsock and the much awaited finish line.

The Marathon Relay will consist of the same course as the marathon.  Each relay team will consist of 4 team members.  The legs of the race are approximately 6.6 miles, 6.5 miles, 5.61 miles, and 7.49 miles.  The relay points will be located at Indian Park in Montoursville and the southwest side of the Market Street Bridge pedestrian ramp.

The Half Marathon will consist of the first half of the marathon route.  Participants will enjoy the riverwalk and the views of the surrounding communities before crossing the finish line outside our title sponsor, First Community Foundation Partnership.





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